RESULTS! Every organization strives to produce results. Quantifiable results measured in a multitude of ways. Some organizations achieve those results and others miss the mark. Safety, just like productivity and quality, is a result and one of the more difficult ones to produce on a consistent basis. Our Safety Leadership Development process looks at how the safety results produced are driven by three critical elements of success: our values, our behaviors, and our culture.

Although the concepts, content, and implementation of the process are customized for each client, the three main objectives are consistent:

• Align the leaders around a common definition of success,
• Create a shared leadership language and skill set, and
• Increase the amount and effectiveness of feedback occurring within the programs already in place.

The process is not another ‘Program of the Month’ nor a two-day intellectual exercise, it is about helping leaders become more effective so we can consistently produce safety results through others.

The process typically starts with Safety Leadership Development workshops led by Rodney Grieve. The workshops are a successful launching point for the development of key people leaders. However, it is critical to implement a follow-up process to ensure that the discoveries made and the skills developed in the sessions are integrated into the culture. Built into the sessions are follow-up opportunities for internal leaders. To support these objectives and keep the learnings evergreen, the process also includes individual Catalyst Sessions for each participant with Rodney Grieve.