• Proven Results: The BRANTA approach has been successfully implemented at organizations throughout the world and in all types of industries. Some of these results are summarized below.

• Operational Impact: The process does not asked your front-line leaders to do more; it helps them do what they are doing more effectively in order to produce better results.

• Consistency: All the work with BRANTA is conducted by Rodney Grieve so the message is consistent each and every time. This consistency allows for relationship building and extremely high levels of trust in the Safety Leadership Development Process.

• Applicability: Each keynote and workshop is customized to the organization’s needs and each Catalyst Session is customized to the individual’s needs, so the participants are working on issues particular to their operations. Although focused on safety results, more effective leadership will positively impact all aspects of the business.

• Value: Since the Safety Leadership Development Process is based on leadership development and typical engagements last 7 to 12 months, it is not a program that requires annual purchases to sustain.


When asked what safety success looks like, one client’s CEO responded: “We will know we are getting to our goal when every employee thinks about their behavior before action to ensure it will be safe and feels comfortable getting suggestions from or giving suggestions to fellow employees to ensure their safety also.” We believe that in creating this type of culture, the ‘safety numbers’ will improve as well.

Although every organization is different and the implementation varies based on factors such as location, size, organizational structure and operational rhythm, the following results show what is possible with the BRANTA approach and a culture of success.

• Industrial services company with over 1,200 employees working out of 12 locations throughout the western US:
o By implementing a Safety Leadership Development process, they experienced a 36% reduction in total incidents and a 93% reduction in annual safety-related liability costs

• Manufacturing facility with 300 employees in central Pennsylvania:
o While working with BRANTA, they experienced a 59% reduction in OSHA Recordable injuries over the previous year.

• General contractor with 300 self-perform employees throughout Texas:
o Since engaging Rodney, they realized a significant reduction in both the frequency and severity of all claims. Their incident rate is consistently 70% lower than the national average with an EMR of .64, one of the lowest in the construction industry.
o They were able to implement a "Safety Scout" program and that was one of the reasons they won the CSEA National Award.
o Their total incident rate (including injuries and property damage) dropped more than 44% resulting in both short-term and long-term cost savings for the company.

• Module home manufacturer with 150 employees in southern California:
o After working with Rodney, they went more than 2,300 days without a loss time injury.

• Pulp mill operator with 2,000 employees in southeast US:
o Two years after the first BRANTA workshop, the leaders produced the safest year in company history while their share price grew by more than 30%.

For an understanding of the human and organizational impact of the Safety Leadership Development Process, please contact Rodney and he would be happy to provide specific references.