Defend Your Profits
Defend Your Profits In Defend Your Profits: Safety Tools for Bottom Line Improvement, Rodney Grieve dispels the myths about traditional safety programs while presenting effective tools to move from profit-eating compliance programs to profit-saving improvements. Designed to help the business leader collect the information needed to make sound financial decisions, the tools in Defend Your Profits will help you create a safer work environment, give you more time to focus on business and more control over your future.
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SOAR: A Gate-to-Gate Journey of Leadership Essentials
SOARIt started out as just another flight from Denver to Cincinnati and quickly turned into a journey of discovery. Through a series of coincidental conversations, I found myself learning lessons on effective leadership. I have worked for several organizations, produced a wide range of products and services, and found the biggest challenge at each was also the one constant: people. Successfully leading another person has always been the hardest part of the job. On this journey, I learned that it is hard work and it can be quite simple. Leadership is about making choices, taking risks, and creating opportunities for myself and the people around me to SOAR.

SOAR: A Gate-to-Gate Journey of Leadership Essentials distills effective leadership down to fundamental learned behaviors in a fun, easy-to-read story. From departure to arrival, SOAR is full of simple, relevant, and applicable skills that will make you a more effective leader.
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