Organizations spend thousands of dollars each year developing policies and procedures that their employees either do not understand or simply choose not to follow. Regardless of their content, policies and procedures can not, and will not, elicit that discretionary effort that creates successful organizations and outstanding safety results. Most supervisors and managers know what to do; but do not possess the skills and tools necessary to know how to create an environment of success.

Branta Worldwide works with your entire management team, giving them the leadership essentials to be effective in producing safety results. Through our customized programs, we help your team redefine success.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Communicating the importance of managementís role in creating the work environment
  • Coaching skills and tools to raise an employee's level of discretionary effort (good to better)
  • Confrontation skills and tools to raise an employee's level of performance (unacceptable to good)
  • Redefining success as a balance of productivity, quality and safety in today's workplace